angel ang
Angel Ang | Art Director 💁


Inspired constantly.

Need coffee


Allergic to salads.

Drinks ice coffee in all weather climates.

Co-parent to a loving goldfish named Joplin.

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Girl named Angel.


Besides naming me Angel, my mother has dubbed me the "Knick-Knack" lady. Can't help myself! I have an extensive collection of rubber ducks. (And proud!)

Classically trained in charcoal drawing, painting, and printmaking at the age of 7, it's safe to say I love to make things! My hands are always itchin' to tinker with new stuff when I'm not making and concepting stuff for clients.

I'm an Art Director by accident in some ways, because I'm pretty sure in college I came in as an intended Fibers/Textiles Major freshman year. However, I ended up graduating with an Advertising degree instead. ðŸ¤·Oops.

Fun fact: My roommate's mom in college freshman year thought I was a boy for a good 6 months because most people named Angel that she knew were hispanic and male. 🙈